Car-as-a-Service Platform

Car Sharing 2.0

Car sharing 2.0 represents a new era of the sharing car market where transactions rely on car and driver profiles based on multiple data sources including IoT.

The 2 Things All Uber and Lyft Drivers Must Know

The most successful ride sharing pros work hard at pleasing their customers and at minimizing their cars' wear and tear. This post shows how RevdApp helps Uber and Lift drivers going to the next level by automatically building their driving profile and managing their car expenses.

5 Things You Must Know About “My Car My Data”

Did you know connected cars generate 25GB of data per hour? Where you have been, telemetry and how you drive. Shouldn't you be the one managing that data?

C² Racing Partners with RevdApp

C² Racing Partners with RevdApp to share their story with the world.

Start Your 2017 With a Bang

Add to your 2017 new resolutions. Track your miles and all your car expenses.