A New Era In Car Sharing Emerges

At a time when the majority of new and many of the well established urban dwellers no longer see the need to own a car, we believe that there’s a tremendous opportunity for the car owners who are willing to share their cars. However, as new consumer segments embrace car sharing and more cars become available, the car sharing offerings must evolve to meet new challenges introduced by the new increasingly sophisticated consumers and the increased competition. We believe that this trend signals the beginning of a new cycle of the car sharing market; Car Sharing 2.0.

In this new cycle of car sharing there are three new trends to keep an eye on.

  1. Transparency – cars become more transparent. In the same way that we look at someone’s Linkedin or Facebook profile to assess their trustworthiness, we will inspect cars in the same manner. Car profiles tell the car history in an authentic way. They include data about major events like buy, sell, insure, inspect and others. They do also include maintenance and driving records. The later contain who, how and when cars are used. They include sensor data (IoT) as well as users experiences (ex: https://app.revdapp.com/vehicle/5865189040fcea00110e8ef8). Like cars, drivers also have profiles. They indicate the driving experience and the cars a person has driven (ex:https://app.revdapp.com/profile/user/568d9d45bb442e1200a2d11b). Together, car and driver profiles will protect both those with cars to share, and those wanting to use them.
  2. Ratings – ratings become a lot more detailed. The 20-year old 5-star review system to gauge consumer satisfaction is no longer sufficient. A single person driving for 10 miles may have a great experience driving a specific car. However, a couple with kids may have a completely different experience. In this new sharing cycle, consumers can register their experiences and attach videos and photos as proof. It is also able to distinguish whether the data is related to the car itself (OEM centric), or the conditions of a specific car (VIN-centric).
  3. Availability – all sort of cars become available. By embracing advanced telematics, car owners are not only able to build detailed car profiles describing how their cars are used, but they will also have increased peace of mind by being able monitor their car in real time. In addition, they can incentivize responsible driving and ensure cars are being driven in predefined zones. This will introduce a new segment of cars – exotics and high performance, which due to lack of trust have been absent from car sharing 1,0 platforms.

A new dawn is rising in the car sharing world. It will be ubiquitous, safe, private, transparent and fun. Responsible drivers will have access to a variety of cars, and owners will be able to monetize their investments in a safe way.

What about you? Do you have your driving profile updated? Are your car(s) profile updated?

Start building your profiles today!

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