The secret of driving for Uber and Lyft is simple. High reputation and low expenses. The most successful ride-sharing drivers work hard at pleasing their customers and at minimizing their cars’ wear and tear. This post shows how RevdApp helps drivers save money by tracking car expenses and deductions, increase rating with driving profiles, and improve the cars’ resale value with car profiles.

1 – Your Driving Profile (New!)

Are you familiar with how pilots measure their skills and expertise? They track their flying hours, by aircraft model for each flight. At a time when driving is becoming more complex by the day, shouldn’t you be able to differentiate yourself from other drivers by the number of hours of miles/km you drive? The ride-sharing platforms do a decent job tracking your miles of paid ‘driving’.  However, they do not track all your other driving. The situation gets even worst if you drive for multiple ridesharing companies, as you cannot aggregate all your driving into a single profile. RevdApp resolves this concern by allowing you to build a driving profile every time you drive, regardless of the company you are working for, or which car you are driving. But don’t take my word for it. Please take a moment to check my own driving profile – Leveraging your driving profile will make you a much more valuable driver in the same way that the pilots with most flying hours are paid more. Makes sense?

2 – Your Car Profile (New!)

Every mile that you drive lowers the resale value of your car. However, not all miles are the same. If you drive most of the time on highways (at constant speed), your cars wear & tear will be significantly lower than if you drive on stop and go traffic. Also, a car that has been maintained well, is a lot more valuable than a car that is not serviced regularly. Your RevdApp car profile helps you manage and demonstrate how carefully your car is maintained and its driving record. This record helps you when it’s time to sell it. Here is the example of a car I drove recently – Carefully maintaining your car profile, will be a small effort when compared with your improved car resale value.

3 – Your Car Mileage, Expenses, and Deductions

Car expenses are an unavoidable headache for ride-sharing drivers. They take a bite of your profit and reduce the money you take home. Your expenses spring in from the moment you start driving until you turn off the engine. Expenses continue whether you are looking for customers, driving customers, or driving to meetings with potential Uber drivers that you’re trying to recruit. Fortunately, not all is bad news. Some of these expenses are deductible. Here are the 16 deductible expenses you can deduct:

  • miles
  • car payment
  • depreciation (if you own your car)
  • auto-loan interests (if you are in the process of buying the car)
  • license, title, and registration
  • gas
  • maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations,  inspecting and replacing brake pads)
  • insurance
  • mobile phone and charges
  • wireless plan
  • foods and drinks to passengers
  • car washes
  • AAA membership
  • environmental friendly credits
  • parking fees (garages and meters)
  • tolls

RevdApp helps you track them and generates reports so you can be in total control and on top of them when tax season comes.


With RevdApp you can track the miles/Km’s you drive. To start tracking all your driving you just need to tap Drive.


You are self-employed and your car is a crucial part of your business. You can deduct that part or the totality of your car’s expenses. Deductions vary from state to state, so you will need to do some digging.

Generate Report

At the end of the year, or whenever needed, all you need to o is run a report to get your information.

RevdApp is the App YOU Have Been Waiting

Car expenses and deductions can easily add up to thousands of dollars a year. Revdapp helps you take the right deductions, and puts money back into your pocket. Moreover, RevdApp allows you to track your driving experience with your own driving profile which in turn allows you to increase your car’s resale value with your car profile. RevdApp is a one-stop-shop for you to go to the next level in your life. Download the app today. See you inside.😎