The connected car data boosts car safety and driver convenience.  Here are 5 things you should know about connected-car data and how RevdApp’s “My Car My Data” approach puts you in control of your car data.

1 – What is car data?

The term car data surfaced with the introduction of onboard car computers with data-access capabilities. The first car model to have such system was the 1968 VW Type 3. It came equipped with Bosch’s Jetronic electronic injection system. The first formal on-board diagnostics (OBD) systems were the 1980’s General Motor’s proprietary  ‘assembly line diagnostic link’ (ALDL) protocol. It introduced the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) concept. This protocol was at the core of the 1991 OBD1 protocol, which was replaced by the OBD-II protocol in 1996. 

2 – What is connected car data?

A connected car is a car that is equipped with Internet access. General Motors’ OnStar was the first connected car technology to be marketed to the consumer. Initially, OnStar was a voice only system and available for high-end Cadillacs. Once wireless networks started supporting data, OnStar started using GPS data to send the location of the vehicle. OnStar’s success led other automakers to offer similar capabilities. By 2001 it became possible to do remote diagnostics in these systems. Two years later, vehicle health reports, turn-by-turn directions and a network access device were added to the service. By 2007 data-only telematics became a reality and by 2012 Vodafone and BMW signed a deal to equip every BMW with a GSM SIM card.

3 – How much data does a connected car generates?

Today’s cars can have more than 40 microprocessors and tens of sensors. Sensors include speedometers, accelerometers, thermometers, chemical concentration monitors, pressure sensors, GPS, video, radar, etc, etc… Acting alone, or combined, they measure speed, acceleration, road conditions, tire pressure, distance from moving traffic and driver focus, to mention a few. With this data, it becomes trivial to assess driver behavior, vehicle’s performance, efficiency, safety as well as car location. Millions of measurements are done each minute, and it all adds up to a great deal of data. A connected-car generates up to 25GB of data per hour. That’s equal to about a dozen HD movies and exceeds the storage capacity of most smartphones today.

4 – What about all this connected car data, does it affect you?

Accordingly to Gartner, by 2020 there will be 250 million connected cars in the world. You most likely either already have a connected-car, or you will soon buy or lease one. Here are some questions that naturally start popping up about the challenges of owning a connected car and understanding the data it creates:

  • does my car have a SIM card?
  • what information is my car sending to the manufacturer?
  • if I own the car, who owns the data?
  • can I have access to the data?

5 – How Much is YOUR connected car data worth?

The auto-industry is the second-largest spender in digital ad dollars in US.  It is projected that by 2020 they will be spending more than $14B in digital marketing. Accordingly to the Institute of Highway Security by 2020 car production will reach 17.8M cars. This means that on average car manufacturers will be paying $818.28 per car in digital advertising. If the US auto-industry is willing to pay $800+ to bombard you with ads, with very limited results, how much would they pay to send you the targeted messages that apply to you based on your past activities on your connected car? We say it’s a lot. Especially if you have a credible way to influence others. Here’s what the people at CNN think about your car data valuation.

Bottom line. How do YOU take control of YOUR connected car data?

What if I told you that one of RevdApp’s main missions is to give you control of your car data? With RevdApp you track your car data in a car-centric way. RevdApp allows you to create a timeline (or profile) of your car. In the profile you can save your car data, as well as your trips, your expenses, and experiences, using rich media like photos and videos. With RevdApp you take control of your car-data in a fun and easy way. But that is not all. You can also build your driving profile, connect with other car enthusiasts like you and much more. RevdApp is the car app you’ve been waiting for. Use the links below to get Revdapp for free today. See you there.